Become a partner of the YachtPanel server

Why are we looking for partners and investors?

(I very much apologize for the quality of the translation. Expansion abroad is still underway.)

The reason is quite simple and worries most Startups. Sufficient funding for competitive expansion, enhancement, and support. We have ideas, we have the taste and determination. But we do not have the resources to implement them.

YachtPanel's basic services are and will always remain free. That's the point we stand for. Often, sailors have been involved with their experience and knowledge of developing something new and then have an e-mail that reads: 'Pay EUR 100 for use, the product is no longer free.' our applications are used. And we will not disappoint them.

However, how to make YachtPanel profitable is a lot of options. But it is already demanding more investment. But for prospective investors or partners it may be interesting without profitability touching the in-line users themselves who use basic services such as anchor map, reviews, logbook, cashbox and more.

How do we operate YachtPanel now?

Since YachtPanel is non-commercial, all its operations must be subsidized. Funding not only requires paid third-party APIs (Google maps, marine data, access to ship databases, weather forecasts and more), but also hardware performance (typically over 100 server requests per second), development and extension not only of the web version but also mobile version for Android and IOS. And let's not forget that just a placement fee for a mobile app to Google Play or an Apple store is no longer the case. We have not yet mentioned that the development itself takes place every day after work in the free time.

Who is currently financing YachtPanel?

So far we have no bigger partner and the only investor is the owner and operator of the server, Michal Vanek. Thus, all server costs lie on it and on the users themselves, who contributed to their own choices. Someone more, someone less. But we are gratefully grateful for them, because it always gives us a little more opportunities to improve our services.

Join us on board!

If your project addressed you, be it a user, a partner or a potential investor, do not be afraid to contact us. For lighter financial assistance, one-time or monthly, just click on the link below. For your help, of course, we can issue an invoice.

However, if you decide to become our long-term partner or you are interested in investing, please contact us. The possibilities of cooperation are large and whoever wants, he is looking for how. This is the motto we manage every day as we take the strength to further improve and improve our product.

Total partners:
(Monthly contribution)
Gained monthly: 20 EUR

They support us regularly:

Tomáš Strnad

They supported us one-time:

Martin Hanousek,
Martin Navrátil,
Tomáš Nečas,
Václav Babek,
Martin Nepomuk,
Miloš Hlavinka,
Josef Polášek,
Martin Havlík,
Tereza Janoušková,
Josef Hlavinka,
Jan Beran,
Jan Samek,